Welcome to Friends of Farm Creek!

We are a group of concerned people who live around and near Farm Creek in Rowayton, Connecticut. 

Our mission is to husband this quiet and beautiful salt marsh. We wish to ensure the creek remains clean and clear for flora and fauna to thrive and to retain its natural beauty.

We used to be just "FarmCreek.org", but we are changing what we call ourselves as we have recently been confused with the Norwalk Land Trust's excellent Campaign for Farm Creek Preserve

Read the News blog for our latest updates, and catch up below on our past activities: 

Farm Creek, Rowayton, from the South East. See below for our activities color keys

  • Research                              Yellow pegs   Such as water testing, flora and fauna research.
  • Education                             Purple          Lectures in environmental responsibility
  • Husbandry                            Green           Clearing invasives, planting indigenous replacements 
  • Watchdogging                       Red              (If 'watchdogging' is a word)
  • Culvert and ditch rebuilding  White           Organizing City of Norwalk and State of Connecticut
  • Donations                             Blue             Aid to Campaign for Farm Creek Preserve in cash and more in kind
  • Fundraising                                              Seeking and raising grants from sponsors and donors