Since we started as in 2003, we have worked closely with several landowners in the Farm Creek area, including the Norwalk Land Trust (NLT), which then owned two properties on Farm Creek. 

In 2007 the NLT had an outstanding opportunity to purchase a third property, and negotiated to get a conservation easement on a fourth, making a total of 16 beautiful acres under their ownership or conservation. The NLT owns multiple other properties throughout Norwalk, but this has become the jewel in their crown. Their substantial campaign to raise the $5 million needed for the land purchase (which is still ongoing) was styled "The Campaign for Farm Creek Preserve". We have supported this in whatever limited way we could, as this enlarged preserve is simply the best thing that has happened to the creek. However, as our names are similar, and our aims, although different, overlap in numerous ways,  we have frequently been confused with The Campaign by both press and local residents. So we are changing our name and relaunching our web-site in the hope of minimizing this confusion. 

So, while our aims are often overlapping, here's the differences between our organizations: 
  • The Norwalk Land Trust owns or has under conservation easement some 26 valuable and wonderful properties comprising some 87 acres of land throughout Norwalk, and over the years has accumulated  16 acres of shoreline under trusteeship and conservation around Farm Creek.
  • The Campaign for Farm Creek Preserve is a part of the NLT and has raised over $4 million, with $500,000 to go, specifically earmarked for their land purchase at 34 Sammis Street on the creek. The "Preserve" comprises the three properties on the creek which are owned or under conservation by the NLT. The Campaign also organizes activities around this Preserve.
  • We, Friends of Farm Creek (formerly known as, own no land at all. We try to enhance the ecology of ALL of the Creek  and its watershed area by grass roots efforts, persuasion, activism, watch dog activities, education, and letting the science do the talking. We continue to work closely with the major waterfront owner, the NLT, as well as other landowners, individuals, and entities that have influence on the health of the creek. We do own a hose, four five-gallon watering jugs, and lots of energy and enthusiasm.