Wagner does it again 2008

After the 2006 pollution event, Weeburn did the right thing and bought a cover for their pool so that it no longer had to be emptied every year, only every five years when being painted. They also committed not to empty the pool into Farm Creek. Well, 2008 was the year for painting, and Wagner once again dumped foul smelling chemically polluted water from the pool cleaning into Farm Creek. We called Weeburn, the police, and the DEP again. Unfortunately, water samples were not taken early enough for a prosecution to stick. Authorities spoke off the record to us, stating great displeasure with the way Wagner handled this. Weeburn have categorically stated that they will ensure that the waste is disposed of correctly next time, and not into the creek. 

The bottom line is that only the customer or consumer seems to be able to control this. If Wagner, or any other pool manager, is emptying your pool, it must be your responsibility to ensure the waste is disposed of correctly. The authorities seem to lack funding and teeth to do so effectively after the fact. 

We applaud the new anti-pollution legislation coming into effect in 2010.


Weeburn and Wagner Pools 2006 

In April 2006, Ed Hynes, a Roton Avenue resident, called us, outraged that Wagner Pools was emptying the Weeburn Club swimming pool contents, including cleaning chemicals, directly into a ditch that drains into Farm Creek. We ensured that the facts were properly reported to the Police, to the management of Weeburn, and to the DEP. We took extensive photos, and posted them on a web site for these organizations and other interested parties to see what had happened. Egrets wading in industrial chemicals is exactly what we all do NOT want to see in our Creek. Weeburn wrote to us apologizing, and advised that they will ensure that this does not happen again.

If you see or smell evidence of pollution in Farm Creek or anywhere in its watershed area, call Tia Sidey at 203-855-8593 immediately, and/or email with photos to farmcreek@gmail.com