Husbandry activities have included

  • Annual cleanup: every spring around two dozen volunteers spend a morning clearing invasives, retrieving old tires, and picking up trash
  • Culvert repairs: we identified a culvert in danger of collapse, and initiated full repairs by State and Town departments
  • Ailanthus removal: we raised money to remove  invasive ailanthus trees near the creek. These "Trees of Heaven" are allelopathic, which is to say that they exude poisons which kill competing indigenous plants.
  • Garbage bin installation: volunteers donated time and materials to build a new public garbage bin for beer can throwers and dog walkers. 
  • Tree and shrub planting: every year we have found ways to finance and plant new shrubs and trees around the creek on Land Trust or City of Norwalk properties.
  • Tidal Study Area: An experiment to see the extent that high tide bush and spartina can fill in if phragmites is controlled.