Since our first Trash Bash in Spring 2003, many things have changed on the creek.  During our first event we tried to clean out the trash along Roton Avenue in the Kulze Preserve and trim back some of the growth that was obstructing the sidewalk.  It was an impenetrable jungle of invasive trees, Phragmites and vines such as Rosa multiflora and Bittersweet. 

Six years later we have our now annual event in April with many loyal volunteers and always several new ones.  Everybody forgathers for coffee and cookies and much catching-up with neighbors after a long winter.  Slowly over the years we have pushed back the Phragmites, discovered many Crabapple trees, Groundsel trees and High Tide bushes.  We have removed many Ailanthus and Norway Maple trees that are so invasive.  We waged war on the prickly Rosa multiflora and insidious Bittersweet and won.   Very cautiously we have been taking back the edge of our beautiful salt marsh.