Every year we have worked at removing invasives and found ways to plant more native “salt marsh appropriate” vegetation around the creek on Land Trust or City of Norwalk properties.  We were given a grant by Patagonia of Westport and held a tag sale this spring to enable us to carry out maintenance where necessary.  We brought to the attention of the Department of Public Works a large dead tree on city property which was leaning towards Farm Creek and would have been a mammoth and costly task to remove if it had fallen into the creek.   The DPW cut it down and also the remaining invasive “weed” Norway Maples and ground out the stumps thus clearing the way for us to replant. 

We were the very happy recipients of a donation of 40 shrubs and a generous cash grant from Pepperidge Farm Inc. in October 2009.  These were planted by a team of 14 volunteers and Brian Bruni, who has done such a good job at keeping the strip along Roton Avenue and on Sammis Bridge looking beautiful this year.  A further 10 shrubs have been added to round out this phase of re-establishing the upland of the salt marsh.

The triangle garden at the entrance to Sammis Bridge has been cleaned out and some new perennials added.

Tree planting, organized by Friends of Farm Creek, executed by the Norwalk Tree Alliance in Fall 2006 near the Sammis Street Bridge

Donation in the fall of 2009 of 40 shrubs and a generous check from Pepperidge Farms, also attended by Mayor Mocha (above).

The volunteer crew (left) which planted the Pepperidge Farms shrubs, with professional help from Brian Bruni.