We have always tried to keep our costs down to a minimum through the generous donations of volunteers in both time and money. This spring we felt we needed to have some funds to augment these efforts.

At the end of May Frani Taylor suggested we ran a tag sale to replenish the kitty and offered to organize it, a major task. We put a call out to all our neighbors to keep us in mind when they were doing their spring-clean of attics and basements. People were amazingly generous and we had lots of wonderful treasures to sell. Frani, Brenda Ashoo and Tia Sidey arranged the logistics, sorting and tagging. Frani & Bucky Taylor also kindly let us use their garage and driveway, and Mother Nature provided a perfect day. Nick & Brenda Ashooh, Frani & Bucky Taylor and many others helped on the day and it was a great success.