Invasive vegetation has been a large subject that has required a lot of study and a careful measured response.  This area, particularly along Roton Avenue, has been thick with such culprits as Ailanthus, Norway Maple, Phragmites, Rosa Multiflora and Bittersweet.  Some of these we have had both volunteer and professional help in pulling and cutting down and removing.  Some, like Ailanthus and Phragmites, have needed particularly careful consideration due to the possible need of herbicide to guarantee a successful eradication.  The Ailanthus and Norway Maple have been cut down & removed professionally (see further information under Ailanthus & Tree & Shrub Planting in the Husbandry section).  

The Phragmites is a very delicate issue primarily because it is difficult and expensive to remove thoroughly, especially in close proximity to water.  We have chosen to cut it back where we can and keep it under control without herbicide. 

The removal of all of this vegetation left us with a blank canvas on which we are re-introducing native upland salt marsh plants.  Careful thought has gone into choosing the right plants that will have berries for animals, not be a delicacy for deer and not mind getting their feet salty from time to time.  The areas will still need to be cut every month to keep the Phragmites at bay. 

Phragmites Australis (above), Ailanthus (below)